FICO, Credit Cards, And Home Loans What Do They Have To Do With Me?

I have worked with several individuals that either had a Bankruptcy or crossed paths with credit cards and canceled them all. They use cash only now, thinking that is the most ideal way to go. Well that is a great way to do things. Anyway not if you’re trying to get a home loan or any other sort of loan. In fact sometimes individuals do not generate a FICO score because they do not have any credit at all! That bad news. You need three active credit accounts, preferably for one year to help your cause. That means I have to utilize credit cards again? In the past they ruined me! Well yea that essentially what it means. In any case, lets understand how credit cards and loans impact your FICO score. Most importantly a FICO score does not take a gander at your particular employment or how much money you make. You could have no debt and a $100,000.00 a year work yet if you do not have active accounts, your FICO score may in any case be low. That means higher interest rates on loans.payment cards

Many individuals are not aware that you cannot really negotiate the rate much with banks. That FICO score indicates your danger factor and click You may know you can pay your loan yet they do not. At the point when they see a 500 credit score they think there is a colossal danger you will default on your loan, so they give you the interest rate that makes them the most amount of money in the briefest amount of time. Do not think the loan specialists actually care about you or your circumstances they do not, they care about money, that it, that the bottom line. They see your score and offer you that high danger rate loan. Regardless of how great a loan officer/Broker is they cannot get a 6% interest rate for someone with a 550 score. It does not matter how long you search around.

Many individuals want to refinance their homes because they have gone 1,2,3 or considerably more months late on their mortgage. They have a 7% interest rate and assume they can refinance at the same and take some cash out as well. If you have gone even once 30 days past due on a mortgage that is an executioner to your FICO score. It causes it to simply tank! So once that happens you’re going to wind up in the High Risk score segment.

Get a duplicate of your credit report so you can check whether there are any inaccuracies on it. The vast majority actually have one or two inaccuracies on their report. You may have old collection accounts that ought to be eliminated.

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